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A way to help Windows run a little better...
Posted by: M A V I C
Date: June 25, 2008 10:50AM
If you have a PC that tends to sit for a while between restarts (like a media PC,) this might help:
Hack Attack: Using Windows Scheduled Tasks

For some reason, abut a year ago my media PC started having problems keeping its wireless connection for more than a week or so. And when I would try to reconnect it, it could see the network, said it had a fair signal, but still wouldn't connect. The only thing that would reconnect it was a restart.

Another issues was that even though both 320GB drives were less than half full, they would ferociously fragment. Then the system would slow way down.

Often when we'd be gone for a week, we'd come home to find shows didn't record and occasionally be greeted by a BSOD.

So then I set a scheduled task to reboot the machine every four days, at 3am, if the machine hasn't been active for an hour. I also set one drive to defragment early Monday mornings and the other early Tuesday mornings.

I came back from a long trip and everything had recorded, it still had a network connection and the drives were only a tiny big fragmented.

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Re: A way to help Windows run a little better...
Posted by: Jimmypoo
Date: June 25, 2008 12:19PM
I agree with Mavic - despite what the Server Editions are supposed to do (and
I can't see how!!!!), I don't think that any Mac, let alone any Winduds machine,
until Jaguar, was a dependable machine, that didn't need rebooted perhaps
1x/day, just for its own good, let alone if you were opening and closing apps regularly.

AND... you could try to find a copy of XP (sp2), AKA "Windows Lite."

It's missing a great deal, which is why it works so well (relatively speaking).
No ActiveX, No DirectX, etc., etc., and while it cannot be updated NORMALLY,
("counterfeit serial!) other apps you install will add the required DirectX if needed,
on their own.

As a compressed file, it's only 190mb in size. Except for the fact that I don't know its
idiosyncrasies like I know Win2K, they are, thus far, the only 2 versions I would use.

Works perfect and fast as virtual and/or as BootCamp drive, and works quick and fast
on ancient machines with limited RAM.

Three add'l examples -

my Gateway Solo 2550 (craptop) with 224MB of RAM (p3/667MHz)
my Toshiba Jurassic Satellite (128MB ram? with K6-2 / 380MHz)
my Gateway Solo 2000 with original Pentijunk @ 200MHz with 96MB of RAM

I've used it on items as low as that last one to dual core P4s and the Core2 Duo T7500.

Despite sp4 of Win2K, I've always just stayed with the original install, and it, using NTFS,
was reasonably solid. As much as OS 9.2.2 was for freezing, etc.

My 2 cents -

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Re: A way to help Windows run a little better...
Posted by: guitarist
Date: June 25, 2008 04:23PM
I found the most effective way to make Windows perform well, and enhance security and reliability. I keep the install discs in the original package, with the seal on it, and make sure I don't open any of it, or install it anywhere. So far, this method has gotten very good results.
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