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mac os server question- and its 10.1 !
Posted by: renderingrocks
Date: February 25, 2009 08:26PM

I adopted an old G4 with 10.1 server. I plan on using it in a classroom and need advice. My goal is to create a user for each student (50) so they can store their video and photo projects for their senior portfolios. I am using a newer mirror raid case with a pair of 1.5 TB drives. The server will be on the LAN only. I have created a group and users to experiment and each user gets a home directory like a typical mac user. Can I change something to only create one folder instead of a home directory and can I access all of their files to police them? I also dont want guest access, my fear is this thing being a music sharing server and I will not allow that. I have started reading the manual and am trying things but if you have any tips I would appreciate it.


dm - md123
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Re: mac os server question- and its 10.1 !
Posted by: Paul F.
Date: February 25, 2009 08:51PM
Yes! You can do what you're looking to do...

I do NOT know my way around 10.1 server at ALL.. but I work with 10.3 and have played with 10.4.

You basically want to NOT have each user have a "home directory", but rather, set up "dumb" file sharing instead of having User folders hosted on the Server.

From what little I've read of 10.1 Server, the DNS and OpenDirectory is so flakey that you're better off just using "dumb" or "plain" (my terms) file sharing anyway.

You will need to set up a folder as a share point... and create folders inside that share point as student folders.
Then you will assign "user and group" permisions to those folders (individually) to control access.

Once you set up ONE folder, that little mental light-bulb goes on, and it becomes easy :-)

I have a simillar setup..
The "share point" folder is called "Student Folder".
It's set to "owner" is an admin user.
The group "Allstudents" has "read only" access to the share point.

Each student folder is set like this;
"owner" (the student who owns the folder) has read-write
The Group "AllStaff" has Read-Write
Everyone has "none"

So with this setup, students cannot create new folders or put files at the top level of the share-point (the "Student Folder" ), can access their OWN folder, but cannot access each OTHERS folders, and the group of teacher or staff member users can access ANY folder.

I got interrupted about 6 times writing this , so I hope it makes sense and I haven't been beaten to the punch by any of the more 10.1 conversant folks here!

Paul F.
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Eureka, CA
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Re: mac os server question- and its 10.1 !
Posted by: kj4btkljv
Date: February 25, 2009 09:33PM
Paul F., sounds like you wrote it all correctly. I'm using 10.4 and 10.5 server, and, without getting too complicated, the steps you outlined are pretty much the same things I do on my servers.

Admin gets read and write access to all. Students, or employees in my case, get read and write access only to their individual folders. Keeps everybody honest, and lets me control everything.

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Re: mac os server question- and its 10.1 !
Posted by: renderingrocks
Date: February 25, 2009 10:32PM
thanks for the info, it does make sense and i have 3 kids under 7 so interruptions are a way of life now! thank you for responding, i will give it a try tomorrow.

dm - md123
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