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MRF "Friendly" Political Ranting TOS
Posted by: mrp-admin
Date: January 16, 2017 11:06AM

It's been fairly quiet here since the election, and we'd like to keep it that way. A forum member sent this TOS from another website and it's absolutely perfect for our "Friendly" Political Ranting forum as well. We want everyone to get along and hopefully these rules for this side of the forum will make it abundantly clear to THINK before you post and consequences WILL happen. No more warnings, this IS your warning to keep things civil between each other.

NOTE: This WILL change the "Personal Attack" rule. If properly worded, see topic 4 below - you CAN call each other out but follow the rules in topic 4. Attack the argument, not the individual. For example, let's say "Joe" posts that he thinks that the Republicans are being obtuse about healthcare and feels it's going to fail completely. "Bob" posts "Joe, your'e not giving it a chance. Let it play out and see if it fails before you condemn it. You're passing judgement too soon". That's a constructive attack at the issue, not the person. Previously it was required to not call each other out by name because that's a personal attack. Let's be adults here, you can discuss things and debate them but do it in a civilized manner. This is after all a debate forum.

Thank you


1. Enter at your own risk. Thick skin required. This is a lightly moderated section so if you can't handle the heat, stay out.

2. One Strike, You're Out. Keep this rule in mind above all else. If you misuse this forum, even just once, you will lose your access to this forum, at the sole discretion of the administrator. Swim in the pool, cavort, yell, shout, have fun - but if you piss in this pool, you're getting ejected immediately and without warning. We'll only accept user appeals 6 months from their last post in the section. All appeals have to be presented to MRF-Admin in PM form. Note: This is no guarantee that you will be let back into The "Friendly" Political Ranting forum.

3. Mind the Site Rules. While this forum is a bit more lax in regard to topics and flaming, and you can get away with a bit more chest-thumping and phallus-waving here, all of the other original Site Rules still apply. Infractions can and will be handed out, and repeat offenders may see themselves on the outside of the door - again, without warning.

4. Attack the Argument, Not the Individual. It's pretty simple, really. If you want to say So-and-So is making a weak argument or their opinion is incorrect because [blank], then do so in as clear a manner as you are willing and able to do so. That said, we will let things slide up to and not over the point of personal threats. At that point - you guessed it - you will be expelled from this forum. As is already standard practice, personal threats outside of this forum will result in an instant vacation (this includes threats made via Private Message).

5. What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas. Discussions that occur in this forum will stay in this forum. If you decide that you do not agree with So-and-So's political views, that's fine - debate all you want in here. But take the argument or debate out into any other section of the site (this includes Private Messages if not agreeable to both parties) and you'll find yourself on the receiving end of the ban stick. It stings and leaves a mark.

6. Race Has No Place Here. It's one thing to discuss politics. It's an altogether different thing to cast aspersions on another human being based on their color. For example, if you hate the illegal immigration crisis, hey - great. Let your voice be heard. But if you're just hell-bent on ranting about Mexicans, or "them *#$&#*$ #$(#&$(#$&," then you do not belong here. This will not be debated; there are no excuses. If a member of the administrator staff deems your post offensive in this regard, your access to this forum will be removed. If this behavior is seen outside of The "Friendly" Political Ranting forum, expect to be banned completely from the MacResource Forum.

7. No stalking. If you start following someone around just to kick them in the balls every chance you get, say "adios".

8. The Administrator staff has the last word. If the admin team feels the need to remove any member from this section, we can and will with no warning or explanation.
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