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G. Gordon Liddy’s *son* stood up to the RNC and Kari Lake’s lawyers
Posted by: pdq
Date: November 19, 2022 07:51PM
…when he felt they were threatening violence, and now he’s in trouble for it.


Hours before Kari Lake was projected to lose her race for Arizona governor, attorneys for her campaign and for the Republican National Committee spoke by phone Monday to a lawyer for Maricopa County, home to Phoenix and more than half the state’s voters.

… the Maricopa attorney, Tom Liddy, [is] a lifelong Republican who heads the county’s office for civil litigation.

Liddy recalled that the RNC attorney, whom he and others identified as Benjamin Mehr, told him that there were “a lot of irate people out there” and that the campaign “can’t control them.”

Liddy said in an interview Friday that he considered those words a threat.

…and then he used a few words his dad taught him.


At one point, Liddy said: “It sounds like you’re threatening me.” [RNC attourney] Mehr responded: “I’m definitely not threatening you, and I promise that.”

Liddy repeated the RNC attorney’s words back to him, as he recalled them. “If I don’t get these answers to you quickly, you’re not going to be able to tell the crazy people that I’ve been helpful,” Liddy said, according to the video recording. “I don’t give a f---.”

One by one, Trump and his acolytes are pissing off solid, life-long Republicans…and unlike Ted Cruz, I doubt a Liddy is going to crawl back to lick his boots any time soon.
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Re: G. Gordon Liddy’s *son* stood up to the RNC and Kari Lake’s lawyers
Posted by: Ted King
Date: November 20, 2022 06:39AM
You don't mess with those Liddy boys:

Oops, slipped into obscure reference mode again:


Quote the book All The President’s Men, when Deep Throat says to Bob Woodward: I was at a party once, and, uh, Liddy put his hand over a candle, and he kept it there. He kept it right in the flame until his flesh was burned. Somebody said, “What’s the trick?” And Liddy said, “The trick is not minding.”

e pluribus unum

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Re: G. Gordon Liddy’s *son* stood up to the RNC and Kari Lake’s lawyers
Posted by: Todd's keyboard
Date: November 20, 2022 07:01PM
paraphrased from Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman.

When Richard Feynman was at Princeton, his friend and rival Paul Olum showed him a trick for snapping a spring-loaded tape measure back into its housing. Having seen him do this, competitive Dick spent the next two weeks trying to replicate the trick, but each time the tape over-shot and whipped back on his hand. When his hand was totally raw, he met his rival in the corridor and asked how Olum was able to manage the tape without getting hurt.
"Who says it doesn't hurt? It hurts me too!"

Todd's F#-that-hurts keyboard
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