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Great Site: Overheard in New York
Posted by: Seacrest
Date: March 07, 2006 06:00PM
Re: Great Site: Overheard in New York
Posted by: Silencio
Date: March 08, 2006 02:34AM
Too many funny ones. Thanks for the link.

But after getting back from a trip to NYC last week myself, I still have to ask myself why people in NYC are nicer than people in the Bay Area. Did all the jerks who gave the area a bad reputation just pack up and move out here, taking their surliness with them?
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Re: Great Site: Overheard in New York
Posted by: Dennis S
Date: March 09, 2006 01:18AM
(Sorry for the bad words)

Dude: @#$%& man, slow down. Slow down. Whatcha runnin' to? Yoga? @#$%&'s runnin' to yoga. White man runnin' to yoga. Thought yoga was supposed to cure that @#$%&.

--Union Square

Promoter guy: Come see a great comedy show tonight! The tickets are just $5!
Chick: I can't, I have to study.
Promoter guy: Oh come on, you don't have to study.
Chick: I actually do, sorry.
Promoter guy: Studying will never get you anywhere.
Chick: Yeah, I'll remember that next time I'm selling $5 tickets in the snow.

--West 3rd and Sullivan

Girl #1: We have to turn right on this street.
Girl #2: But it's a one way...
Girl #1: Dude, we are walking!

--Fort Greene

Chick #1: So I need to get me a Bible.
Chick #2: Why? Aren't you atheist?
Chick #1: They say Bible paper makes good rolling paper for your joints.
Chick #2: Really?
Old lady: You two are disgusting.

--Grand Central

Chick on cell: It's a long story involving a lot of urine, but the gist of it is, we can't use that refrigerator ever again.

--Madison Square Garden ladies' room

Guy #1: You know what we need? A nice breeze.
Guy #2: What the @#$%& are you talking about? It's cold as balls.
Guy #1: I was being ironic.
Guy #2: That's not ironic. Ironic is like...@#$%&, I don't know. Like that song.
Guy #1: Naw, man. That's what people think, but ironic is when you say some @#$%& but you mean some other @#$%&.
Guy #2: @#$%&, that's facetious.
Guy #1: Yeah...Then what's ironic?
Guy #2: How the @#$%& should I know? You the @#$%& with the GED.

--49th & 7th

Hobo: Yo, can I get some money?
Guy: Sorry man, can't help you out.
Hobo: That's aight. Things are tough for everyone. Can you at least get me some water from your sink?
Guy: Uh, okay.
Hobo: Wait, let me find a bottle.
Guy: That's okay, I have a bottle I can give you.

He goes inside and comes back out with a bottle of water.

Hobo: Oh, thanks! Hey, wait. What, was this just sittin' around?
Guy: No, I just filled it up from my sink.
Hobo: Oh, well, I don't mean no disrespect. But you mind dumping this out and letting it run for a while? @#$%& just ain't cold enough.

--Carroll Gardens

Girl #1: Is that a real fur coat?
Girl #2: Yes, oh my god and this woman started yelling at me this morning. I was like, "Please don't throw blood on me or something. I don't hate animals; I have a dog!"
Man: Not around your neck.

--Elevator, Broadway & Dey


Hobo: Can you help me get something to eat?
Guy: Yeah, I got a slingshot in my bag. You prefer pigeon, rat, or squirrel?

--Christopher & 7th


Girl #1: There are like, so many orthodox Jews at the law school. Why would they come to a Jesuit school if they're orthodox Jews?
Girl #2: Well, it's not like everyone else is Catholic.
Girl #1: But Jews are like the opposite of Catholics, they're, like, not even close.
Girl #2: You're a @#$%&; that's not very Catholic.

--Fordham University, Lincoln Center


Girl #1: I like your pants.
Girl #2: Thanks.
Girl #1: You don't happen to have any percocets in them?

--Barnes and Noble ladies' room, 48th & 5th

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