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Groundhog Day?
Posted by: BCam
Date: March 21, 2006 03:35AM
Is it just me, or have we all been reliving the same day since before we invaded Iraq? Sure seems that way. Same explinations as to why we went to "war". Same references to a winning stratagey (with no definition). Same rosey statements about how well we're doing there. Same ... Same ... Same ...

And then all the little incidents that better paint the true picture of the Bush Administration. Yellow Cake. Valrarie Plame. "Port"gate. Duke Cunninghan. Terry Sciavo. Illegal wiretapping. Katrina. Scooter Libby. Poor Scott McClellend in the press room. The Messaui trial screw up. Out-sourcing American jobs. Illegal Immagration. Intelligent Design. Trent Lott's racist gaff. The National Debt. Congress working 47 hours in six weeks. Tom Delay. KBR and it's "lost" millions. Cindy Sheehan's arrest in the House Gallery before the State of the Union. Haliburton and it's lost 100s of millions. Wounded senior citizen huntersand (but not limited to) Mission Accomplished!

Every day, starting a 6AM with the late Congressman Bono's "I Got You" playing on the radio, "W" rises to another day filled by the review of all the above, with the addition of a new and confounding screw-ups and scandal.

Like I said, it's all starting to sound all so ... familiar ... again ... every day.

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Re: Groundhog Day?
Posted by: Refurbvirgin
Date: March 21, 2006 06:48AM
... and, predictably, whenever W's ratings drop sufficiently he starts another war. Afghanistan offered to turn over Osama if we provided proof he was involved in 9/11, but rather than handle what was a criminal act by going to the International Court and seeking his extradition we conquered a nation we'd been in negotiations with to build a pipeline from the Caspian Sea to bring gas toKen Lay's power generation plant in India. No more negotiations needed.

Bush had ordered the Pentagon to begin Iraq war plans within four months after 9/11, then began the p.r. blitz to get the sheeple onside. "Weapons of Mass Destruction, we don't want the smoking gun to be mushroom cloud, Saddam has reconstituted nuclear weapons (we know it for sure), Al Qaeda has had high level contacts with Iraq, pilotless drones with anthrax ready to launch on 45 minute notice, blah, blah, blah," ad infinitum.

Now the drums of war are beating to drive the sheeple over the cliff into Iran. Americans are too dumb to resist, and Bush knows all he needs to do is allow one more terror attack (or orchestrate it, like the anthrax attacks - which we never solved despite their origin from U.S. military stocks, which only a few people can access) and the stampede of the lemmings will assure success.

The PNAC's plan is on track, if off-schedule. They figure they failed in Iraq because of Iran's interference, so if they can just eliminate Iran, everything will return to "the plan." They learned their lesson in Iraq however. "Shock & Awe" was massive destruction intended to break the will of the people to fight, but we didn't hit them hard enough. This time we'll use nukular weapons to assure "Mission Accomplished."

Yes, it does seem like Groundhog Day, except that every morning there is some new atrocity these moronic mass murderers perpetrate.
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Re: Groundhog Day?
Posted by: SteveJobs
Date: September 18, 2006 06:26AM
when we are limited to not using nukes, everyday will seem similar. You'd have to be there to understand that, I'm assuming.


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